• Adult Counselling & Psychotherapy

    Counselling and Psychotherapy enables a person experiencing difficulties to explore and examine these difficulties in a confidential, compassionate and supportive environment. Your counsellor will accompany you as you strive to gain insight into your feelings and behaviours, and remain attentive to you as you examine and explore your concerns. Your counsellor will support you in developing and enhancing your coping skills with the ultimate aim of enhancing your emotional wellness.



    Anxiety is a normal response to a threatening situation. However, some people can find themselves in an ongoing heightened state of anxiety which can have an adverse effect on their social and emotional wellbeing. Your counsellor will facilitate you in identifying your triggers and any negative habitual thinking patterns that may be contributing to your anxious state. Through a process of understanding, repurposing and altering your negative habitual thinking patterns you will be enabled to better understand and manage your anxiety.


    Depression is a very common condition which causes people to feel hopeless, worthless, disinterested and unmotivated. Working from a cognitive behavioural and solution focused framework, your counsellor will uncover any limiting beliefs and particular behaviours that maybe keeping you stuck in a depressive loop. You will be supported and empowered to manage your depression and re-engage with life in a more meaningful way through assisting you in developing your unique emotional wellness toolkit.


    The death of a loved one can cause an array of unfamiliar feelings and challenging emotions. Grief is a natural reaction to the loss of a loved one and a process that cannot be avoided, although it is very painful. Your counsellor will ensure you are given ample time to explore, examine and understand your grief reactions and assist you in working through your grief in a safe and healthy manner. Our counselling team have expertise in counselling individuals, couples and families bereaved by suicide.


    Struggling with infertility can be a very isolating and daunting experience. We offer supportive counselling for those going through infertility treatments. In addition, we offer implications counselling for those who are considering sperm and/or egg donation. We also offer therapeutic counselling for couples and individuals who are considering ending treatment and adjusting to living childfree. You will be offered a compassionate and safe place to explore and make sense of your infertility journey.


    Experiencing ongoing angry outbursts can cause a great deal of stress and frustration and can have a negative impact on your relationship with yourself and others. Through engaging in our specialised one to one Anger Aware Programme you will become aware of your conflict management style, your triggers and the negative impact of your current reactions. Your counsellor will support you in developing more productive coping skills and empower you to emotionally regulate through utilising more assertive rather than aggressive behaviours.


    Ongoing conflict in a relationship can cause upset, frustration, anxiety and distress. If you are experiencing ongoing conflict with your partner, children, teacher, boss, work colleague, a friend, a sibling, neighbour or a parent, counselling can be extremely beneficial in working out how best to manage the distressing situation. Our counselling team can support you in understanding the dynamic in your conflictual relationship and assist you in navigating a workable solution.

    Suicidal Thoughts

    Thoughts of suicide can manifest when life's problems seem insurmountable and you feel hopeless. Our counselling team have expertise is supporting adolescents and adults in suicidal distress. We can assist you in overcoming your suicidal thoughts with the aim of recovering your life through developing your coping skills and enhancing your resilience.

    Self Harm

    Self harm is a flawed coping mechanism that many people utilise when feeling extremely overwhelmed or numb. Our counselling team have expertise in supporting adolescents and adults who present with self harming behaviours. Our counsellors can assist you in understanding your triggers and in doing so will facilitate you in developing more nurturing coping mechanisms.

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